A message from our CEO, Takayuki Kumada, and the lectures, etc. we have done so far.

Recently, our country is in urgent need of solutions for many social issues, such as increase in natural disasters or infections due to global warming, increased maintenance burden due to the aging of infrastructure created since the rapid economic growth period and reduction of working population due to decreasing birthrate and aging population. These issue require creation of economic activities based on new systems.

As our vision for 2030, Blue innovation predicts that a robust social system needs to be constructed and the world will paradigm shift towards distributed autonomy society. As such, we expand our Blue Earth Platform into a distributed autonomy system and aim to become a leading company support the social infrastructure of the new world. To be more specific, BEP will become infrastructure of the system connecting new devices like drones, robots and AGVs. For example, it will connect to building OSes, traffic network OSes, etc., provide various solutions and, finally, connect to the city OS, the infrastructure of smart cities, contributing to smart and new urban development.

Blue innovation Co, Ltd.
President and Chief Executive Officer Takayuki Kumada