Complete Guide for Blue innovation

We are a robotic system platform provider that supports building of infrastructure for a decentralized autonomous society

The increase in natural disasters and infectious diseases, the aging of social infrastructure and the decrease in the working population due to declining birthrate and aging society etc. To solve all these social issues we are facing, Blue innovation is working to develop drone and robotics solutions. Today, we will tell you about the future of robotics we are trying to achieve.

1. What does our company name stand for?

Blue refers to the sky, while innovation indicates technological revolution, with both together reflecting our goal to bring technological innovation related to the sky. The blue in our company name is also derived from “blue ocean,” a term meaning “business frontier,” implying our ambition to create values in unknown fields.

2. Our current and future challenges, and our initiatives

Our current challenges

The aging population is one of the major social issues of our times. The population in Japan peaked in 2008 and has been constantly decreasing ever since. In line with that, “the working-age population” to support the economy is also declining since its peak in 1995.

This phenomenon has a great impact on social infrastructure as well. Although the frequency of inspections at power generation facilities, sewage facilities and manufacturing plants is increasing due to their aging, there is a fear that current individual inspection methods may no longer be able to address all the needs. In addition, there are also significant challenges such as risks of accidents during inspections, revenue loss due to non-operational time and enormous costs.

Our future challenges

The Japanese Government’s Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation aims to bring about “well-being for all people by solving issues that regional areas face through digital implementation, so that everyone can benefit from digitalization.”

In order to ensure both “uniqueness and prosperity of the region” and “productivity and convenience that can compare with cities” with digitalization, and to realize “a heartful life” and “sustainable environment, society and economy,” we need to develop new social infrastructure and update society on technological, educational and legal fronts.

Promoting technological development, human development and legal/standard development for realization of the Digital Garden City Nation

To address such current and future challenges, we need to develop solutions utilizing drones and robots and implement them in society.

By introducing drones and robots to perform tasks that have been performed manually by humans, such as inspection, delivery, transportation, surveying, cleaning and driving, we need to create a working environment where humans and robots can cooperate with each other. Eventually, by linking these drones and robots with business systems, such as logistics or transport systems, or even with urban OS down the road. We need to build a new social environment in which humans and robots coexist.

To achieve this goal, development of a common platform that connects drones and robots with business systems and urban OS is crucial and there is a pressing need for “technological development,” “human resource development” and “development of laws and standards.”

Blue innovation, as a “platform provider of robotic systems” in the super city, is working to advance “technological development,” “human resource development” and “development of laws and standards” by utilizing BEP, our proprietary integrated management platform for drones and robots.

3. Technological development

Our device integration platform |Blue Earth Platform (BEP)

BEP is Blue innovation’s proprietary device integration platform that allows users to coordinate and link multiple autonomous mobile robots to perform complicated operations.

With focus on “robot mobilization,” “data collection” and “data management,” it allows users to carry out multiple tasks automatically with a single command, using multiple drones and robots linked over the network and without the need to consider specifications or control methods of the autonomous mobile robots.

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We support automation of key operations and digitization with BEP Package Solution

Centered around BEP, Blue innovation operates businesses in four different areas, namely, training, inspection, logistics and office management. We first select BEP functions and devices required for automation of key tasks in these areas and then develop an optimal BEP Package for each of them. In this way, we support smooth integration of drones and robots, automation and digital transformation in businesses.

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4. Collaboration

We promote collaboration and cooperation with leading companies in different industries

Blue innovation is working to develop solutions centered on BEP, collaborating and cooperating with leading firms and organizations from various industries in order to address wide-ranging social and business challenges.

Our main partners

5. Human resource development and development of laws & standards

To realize a safe and secure society

While Blue innovation works toward solving current social challenges with BEP Package, we are also addressing the future challenges through “human resource development” and “development of laws and standards.”

In December 2020, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism released a document titled “The New System for Ensuring the Safety of Drone Flights.” Following that, the Unmanned Aircraft Registration System, as stipulated by the Civil Aeronautics Law, went into effect on June 20, 2022.

The system, along with the revised Civil Aeronautics Law that went into effect in December 2022, was developed as a part of the system that allows unassisted non-visual flights in manned zones (Level 4) as a preliminary rule. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has imposed stricter measures on the license, making it a national qualification similar to the standard motor vehicles license.

Prior to this, Blue innovation assisted the establishment of Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA) in 2014. JUIDA is an organization that aims to enhance active utilization of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/drone) in the consumer sector, as well as to promote research and development of applied technologies for UAS, formulation of safety guidelines, human resource development, and efforts to improve the environment.

6. Cloud mobility initiative

By 2030, Blue innovation’s Cloud Mobility Initiative could be the foundation for an autonomous and decentralized society

A society in which flying cars and transport drones are in operation and robots support every aspect of people's lives is just around the corner. As a foundation of social infrastructure where drones, robots and vehicles are connected remotely, being securely and safely managed by artificial intelligence (AI), we need to have a common platform.

Blue innovation is working toward the realization of "Cloud Mobility," the concept of a next-generation mobility society. It’s a society where all vehicles are connected to the grid space created by BEP and information within the grid is obtained in real time, so that people can find optimal routes that change from moment to moment.